Do you need some help?

Want to go veggie or vegan and feel daunted?

We can provide free advice on shopping, eating out, cooking for yourself and making sure you stay healthy.

Do you have the feeling that you are the only vegan in your town?

Obviously if you live in our town you aren't, but it can seem like it when you don't know any other vegans. Why don't you get involved in our group and you will quickly meet other vegans and veggies We have members of all ages and with a wide range of interests, no one is going to preach at you or have a go at you - you will just be made very welcome.

Have you just gone vegan and need a mate to guide you through any little problems?

We can arrange for one of our members with similar interests to yourself to get in touch with you. If you let us know a little about yourself (interests, age group, religious beliefs etc.) we can find another vegan who we think you will get on with to help guide you through any problems and meet up with you from time to time for a one to one chat.

Have you or a family member just been told you are lactose intolerant?

No one knows more about dairy free alternatives than us, we won't have a go at you if you still eat meat and we will do our very best to help you through what can be a difficult time.