Switching to a vegan diet does more to combat climate change than any other single action you can make to reduce greenhouse gas emissionsAs one of the biggest environmental issues on the agenda, everyone is doing their bit to combat global warming - turning off the lights, driving less, making fewer short haul flights, eating less meat - but switching to a plant based diet reduces your carbon footprint more than any other behavioural change.In fact according to research by Professor Nick Hewitt of Lancaster University published last year, if everyone in the UK went vegetarian or vegan it would have the same environmental benefit as talking half of all cars off the road.

The meat and dairy industry is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than the whole of the transport sector combined. Why not take a look at the WWF enviromental footprint calculator, and see what difference changing your diet can make to the world we all live in.

Livestock farming contributes to -

  • Climate change - animal agriculture releases approximately 100 million tonnes of methane a year
  • Deforestation - 70% of the forest in the Amazon has been cut for livestock grazing
  • Land degradation - 20% of pasture land is considered degraded due to grazing
  • Wasting water - it takes at least three times the amount of water to feed a meat eater compared with that used to feed a vegan.
  • Water pollution - from animal waste, antibiotics, hormones, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Land take - livestock uses 30% of the earth’s entire land surface and, in order to  feed these animals, we use 33% of the earth’s arable land.